Wolfofbey's Refund Policy

- Important Disclaimer:
Starting from January 2023, the only way to enroll into the eCommerce Engine mentorship program is to get on a strategy call with one of my team experts, to make sure you're 100% qualified and know what exactly you're signing up for (you will not find ANY public links to purchase it alone).

- Refund Policy: 

- If you open your store within 365 days of purchasing the course, and try everything mentioned in the course in terms of strategies, blueprints & techniques and did not get a single sale... feel free to contact our support team at: support@wolfofbey.com (or your student success manager) explaining your concern, and someone from the team will schedule a 15-minute call with you to understand more and if all is justified with a proof that you've went through every single module & lesson, but still not satisfied, then you get 100% of your money back within 365 days of purchase, which means you will get back exactly what you paid (and maybe a little bit extra) for your wasted time/effort.

But of course, in order to qualify for this guarantee, you should provide us access to your Shopify store (which you've already built), Facebook ads manager & Instagram business profile, so that our team can audit that you have at least ran several ads, influencer campaigns and that your website is structured correctly as mentioned in the course to approve your 100% refund. 

- Additional Note: The WOLFOFBEY platform is NOT a "Done-for-you/get-rich-quick-scheme" nor we are an eCommerce agency. The WOLFOFBEY platform is an educational platform only (with a dedicated team of experts to guide you on your journey to success in the eCommerce industry).

For this reason, it is important to mention that I can't guarantee ANY result because it all depends on your level of effort and investment.

The only promise that I can make is that I will give you all the exact strategies and steps that were given to all of the successful students before you.

If you decide to apply for a refund.. Please make sure that the same name and email that purchased the course are used for when contacting us for a refund.