Here's How You Can Start Making an extra $3-5k/month from eCommerce using this new method

Discover the most profitable and scalable way to build a successful eCommerce brand completely from scratch in 2023 and beyond!
(without any prior experience & can be done from anywhere in the world)

Discover the most profitable and scalable way to build a successful eCommerce brand completely from scratch in 2023 and beyond!
(without any prior experience & can be done from anywhere in the world)


It's time to reveal the eCom industry top secrets

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Why This Mentorship Program has Zero Refunds...

  • 1
    The highest rated online business program in the MENA region.
    The mentorship program is designed in such a way that if you follow the step-by-step blueprint, it's almost impossible not to make bank from it. And therefore, out of 600+ reviews, none of them are negative. In fact, the students keep sending me screenshots of their profits and thank the engine for changing their entire lives.
  • 2
    Lifetime membership.
    You will have access to 15+ hours of detailed HD video lessons including an actionable plan, systems, blueprints, strategies, worksheets, PDFs, etc.. Automatically updated for you as the industry evolves!
  • 3
    A badass community of 2,000+ Students.
    The most active eCom community in the Arab region where all my top-earning students are always helping each other grow, scale and share new strategies. I'm just proud to say that it's an eCom mastermind like no other on the web.
  • 4
    Untapped blue ocean eCom strategy.
    This mentorship program focuses entirely on a new method called private labeling that the world's biggest brands use to build out their eCom businesses. It's not dropshipping or any other outdated method that doesn't build you an actual brand that you can scale and sell later on for 10x of the multiple. This is the real deal.

A Birds-Eye View Of What's Inside The Engine:

Over 15+ Hours of Lessons that will will help you start an eCom business from scratch

Meet Your Instructor

Jad, also known as wolfofbey is an eCommerce serial entrepreneur that have come all the way from nothing, to owning multiple 6 & 7-figure businesses in the Middle East. Till this day, more than 15,000 people have joined Jad’s Trainings; Lives, Seminars & Workshops.. With 2,200+ of them already having launched their profitable eCommerce startups.In 2021, Jad had an interesting realization, that if he came from literally owing over a million dollars in family debt, to generating over $300,000 in sales every month across his stores, then anyone can do it if they follow his proven eCom engine (just copy & paste the process), which is why he decided to share his journey, knowledge & winning strategies with the people who need it the most.

“The best way to predict your future is to create it.” - Pete Drucker

Jad Al Fakhani

More Proof the Engine actually works


Here is even my latest case study 

Crossed $1,000,000 in sales within a period of only 8 months on one of my stores

You Can Also Learn How To Start or Scale Your Online eCommerce Brand Like My Students!

Is This Program Right For You?

This mentorship is not for everybody, you need to meet certain criteria to join the program.

Who is this for

  • People who want to escape the matrix
  • People who want to add an extra income stream
  • To those who see the value in building a REAL online brand that is respectful and scaleable
  • For those without any experience and advanced eCom store owners alike. 

Who is this not for

  • Lazy people
  • People who are looking for a quick flip
  • Complainers and complacent people
  • Those who are happy with their current financial situation and don't want to change a thing

365-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee!

You are fully protected by our 365-day 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you go through the whole course, follow all the steps and don't get a single sale within 365 days of starting the course, I will personally give back all your money and an additional $200 for the time wasted.

That's how CONFIDENTLY I stand behind my course. NO ONE in the industry dares to do that. I've literally removed ALL the risk for you.

Among all my students who bought my courses in the past (2,611 until this date to be precise), I had ZERO refunds.

And now you have ZERO excuses to start building your online empire. You are fully protected for a WHOLE year.

Jad Al Fakhani

Extra Bonuses, Turbo To Your Engine!

You will also unlock these exclusive bonuses upon enrolling today into the the #1 eCom mentorship program in the region

Access to a premium Discord Server

Upon purchasing the eCommerce Engine, you will be given automatic access to my premium Discord channel AND also added to my close circle of friends on Instagram where I share things I never share publicy.


Office Hours = weekly zoom calls

Every week, we will jump on a live zoom call together with the rest of the class where you'll be able to ask me questions directly about your store.

Additionally, you'll have a Student Success Manager to make sure you're on the right track and getting the most out of the program!


Free Additional Resources

On top of the lifetime membership of the eCom engine mentorship program.. You will get 20+ eBooks to help you fill any gaps you might still have, instant access to two of my other top best-selling courses, unlock 100+ Shopify plug-n-play themes, my eCom cheat sheet, my best contacts in the eCom industry, etc... with tons of unannounced bonuses.

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* This offer will close forever after the planned number of students join the mentorship.

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