5 Top Must-Have Shopify Apps

Shopify is the best website builder for anyone looking to launch their eCommerce business especially in the Middle East. With 0 knowledge in coding & html, you can build a full website all by yourself. In order to make your website look more appealing and unique, using third party apps is a great idea! Out of tens of apps I use & recommend, I am going to share with you 5 of my top shopify apps you have to implement on your website.


Dropshipping has never been easier with Oberlo! The number 1 bridge between millions of products on Aliexpress & your store. You can easily choose between all those products, analyze them, twist them & even easily fulfill your orders after you start hearing the ka-ching sound on Shopify. Check it out here.


Customer loyalty is the key to long term business growth. By saying that, collecting data & reviews from customers is super important, but it is sometimes hard to let customers send back a review. Here’s where Fera comes in hand. Out of tens of review apps, I always choose Fera as my third party partner in this since it is very easy to use & has a lot of automation features that secures you a review. Check it out here.

Look at the Dashboard from one of my stores, super simple & straight to the point:


Klaviyo is an email marketing platform that is highly integrated with Shopify. What’s nice about it is the easy integration & support. There are also a lot of ready made flows in which you can directly implement & use on your store. Here is an example of a flow I made that automatically triggers abandoned carts. It took me 5 minutes to set it up & has generates me over $5,000 / month from 1 store only.

Geo Shipping Bar

Selling to multiple countries at the same time? Don’t want to create a different landing page or site but have this 1 thing you want other countries to see? Easy. Geo Shipping Bar it is! You can customize the header bar baised on the IP address & It’s completely FREE. Check it out here.

Ultimate Trust Badges

Gaining trust on your product page sometimes needs time & effort. That’s why making your product page appeal & stand out makes the job done faster. One of the best strategies I love to use when working on this goal is adding trust badges. Here is the easiest way to do so. & It’s completely FREE! Check it out Here.

Maaaaan, I love apps. They make life easier. Here was 5 of my favorite apps & I’ll be sharing more throughout the way! Enjoy them & may your day be full of Shopify Ka-ching notifications! If you are interested to learn more about top dropshipping niches in 2021, make sure to check this blog.

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