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Course Enrollment closes on July 24th 2024
(@ Midnight Beirut time)

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You missed out!

Introducing Wizards of Words:
The 8-Week Complete A-Z Copywriting System

First of its kind online LIVE interactive copywriting mentorship program that teaches you EVERYTHING about the art of copywriting and persuasion.

You'll learn our complete A-Z System (that took us almost a decade to perfect) for generating the highest-converting offers both offline and online.

Wizards of Words gives you very clear instructions so you know what the copy needs to say and do... Unlike every method of copywriting you've ever learned, there's no "guessing".
You know if it's going to work beforehand.

Imagine the months of uncertainty you'd never have to deal with... And the profit potential it loads into every offer you're making.

Early access offer! Lock-in your 76% discount!

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Enroll Today:

Lifetime Access To The Program

Other than the LIVE interactive 8-week sessions that you will attend and get to ask us questions as we're teaching it.. You will also get a lifetime of free updates to the program as the industry grows. One-time payment for a lifetime of access of the most cutting edge copywriting strategies and teachings.

Weekly Mentorship Zoom Calls

To make sure you succeed on your journey to become a skilled copywriter, you will get exclusive access to us on a weekly basis, where we'll be hosting our office hours so you can ask us any questions about copywriting..
Or maybe you just want to get our opinion on a copy you've wrote. This is the place to do it!

6-months Free Access To Our Mastermind

We know that copywriting can be challenging if you’re on your own.. If you don’t have a team to bounce ideas off of.. And we're not kidding when we say we’re taking this training seriously. That’s why we’ve decided to supercharge your training with our very own mastermind.

During the training, you’ll never be on your own if you don’t want to be.

If you have questions about your copy..
If there’s something you don’t understand..
If you can’t come up with a good idea..

You’ll just post your question in the private discord group and have a swarm of experts helping and advising you the very same day..

Of course, we’ll expect you to help others as much we’ll be helping you inside the private group too.

Access To Worksheets & Swipe Files

We've created these plug-and-play worksheets to make this learning journey as practical as possible for you. 

These worksheets literally come with step-by-step assignments so you don’t have to figure anything out - just follow the steps and get results.

Not to mention the fill-in-the-blank swipe files where we literally remove the guess work from the complex things so you can focus on banging out great copywriting every time.

The swipe file is every copywriter’s secret weapon. In fact, ours is so good that some people offered to pay us upwards of $15k for it.

However, we never released it or gave it to anyone. They dreamt of owning this exact swipe file that we personally use to generate millions of dollars online, but most of them will never get their hands on.

If you buy the program today, yours comes with it!

Here’s what people are saying about our work

Here's What's Inside The 8-Week Program

(Click each module to expand details)

Module 1: Wizardry Wisdom: The Foundations

Your journey as a high-income copywriter starts here. In this module, you will learn the foundations and the required mindset to succeed in the world of copywriting. This module is crucial for you to master before writing your first piece of copy.

Module 2: Invisible Ink: The Hidden Force

Persuasion is key when it comes to writing winning copy. People buy with emotions and justify with logic. This module covers the psychology behind copywriting. You will become a master at the art of influence and persuasion by leveraging advanced psychology tricks that aren’t found anywhere else on the internet.

Module 3: Garden of Genius: The 7 Pillars of Potent and Powerful Copy

Every piece of copy requires a big idea which is your guiding light to bang out a high-converting offer. The big idea consists of 7 key elements: Research, Mechanisms, Positioning, Reframing, Storytelling, Claims, and Proof. This module covers all of these 7 elements in detail (including fill in the blanks worksheets).

Module 4: Letters Labyrinth: Writing Winning Copy

A car consists of many parts that you assemble together. It’s the same when it comes to copywriting. You don’t write copy, you assemble it. In this module you will learn how to write each section of a winning copy: from headlines & sub-headlines, to bullet points, leads, offers, call to actions, and more. You will also learn how to write copies for different purposes: Landing pages, Emails, Facebook Ads, E-Commerce Product Descriptions, Social Media Captions, Video Scripts, and much more.

Module 5: Fortune Fabric: Transforming Text into Treasure

Time to turn your craft into cash. Whether you want to freelance, open an agency, sell your own products, or even sell other people’s products.. This module covers all the different ways you can make money with copywriting.

Bonus Module

To reward the action-takers and the ones that stick till the end.. We kept the best for last!
This bonus chapter's details will be announced on the 8th week of the live training.


In addition to the LIVE interactive access of the 8-week mentorship program, weekly live coaching zoom calls, 14 worksheets, our 21 million dollar swipe file and 6-months free access to our exclusive Discord mastermind..

You will also unlock these bonuses when you join our Wizards of Words Copywriting Mentorship Program.

Bonus 1
Certificate of Completion

After you complete the intensive 8-week live interactive mentorship under us, you’ll receive your Wizards of Words Certificate.

When you do get your certificate, it'll serve as proof you were personally trained by us..

(Of course, we will sign it and make it official with our signatures!)

Feel free to add it to your LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram profiles..

Clients like to see you take your education seriously, it tells them you’ll take their work seriously...

Bonus 2
Chance To Win $10k

You know we are both on the hunt for copywriting students we can hire and train under our wing..

But if you get selected, not only will you be working with us..

If you’re chosen and hired, we’ll give you the chance to beat one of our best-performing copywriting and if you do, you’ll take $10,000 signing bonus in cash from us.

Will it be easy? No..

Will it rapidly accelerate your growth as a copywriter? HELL YES...

Bonus 3
Cheat sheet

We've created this practical one-page cheat sheet summarizing ALL the important lessons in the Wizards of Words mentorship program, so that whenever you forget something, you can always easily refer to it without going through all the videos and worksheets.

This alone will save you so much time.


You'll get a FREE Digital Copy of our upcoming book:

Meet Your Mentors:
Alex & Robz.

Alex is a successful serial entrepreneur who started out with absolutely nothing and co-founded a dozen of multi-million dollar businesses across many different industries. He's Jad Al Fakhani's (wolfofbey) secret business partner for the past 5 years, across most of his businesses. 

Robz (Roberto) is a college drop-out who became a millionaire at the age of 21. He founded & co-founded multiple multi-million dollar businesses all from his laptop and phone. He started out with E-Commerce generating 7 figures and exited one of his brands. He is also the mastermind copywriter behind many of Jad’s eCom brands.

Here’s what people are saying about us

Omar Tayara

eCom store owner

Definitely recommend the mentorship to anyone

Before working with Robz I did not know what areas I needed to improve in my business. He explained to me what i needed to focus on and why, specifically copywriting and the importance of retro-planning.

He showed me the importance of leveraging repeat customers and benchmarking successful businesses to introduce strategies and products that have been tested before, hence reducing risks. Also he taught me how to properly analyze my ads and take the right decisions.

I would definitely recommend the mentorship to anyone that wants to crush their previous numbers and level up their business and personal skills.


Founder & Owner

I'll always be Alex's #1 biggest fan!

It's not the first time I say it nor the last time, TheWorldSucks was inspired by my favourite page of all time: HowAboutBeirut.
There was something special about that page that no other was able to do. They were able to show the whole world that Beirut can be linked to positivity, innovation, and creativity.
There is a reason behind this brand's success, and I discovered it when I met Alex.
On that day, I told him I was his #1 fan, which he never believed until he saw that I've started TheWorldSucks. Alex helped from behind the scenes without asking anything in return. He supported our NGO go viral, helped in the brand strategy, filming tips, writing ideas, thumbnails, and predicting trends..
Also guess what? All of the above skills wouldn't be possible without good copywriting...
What Alex can do is like no one is to hop on trends before they get too mainstream and create invincible online business across the board.
Because you can not be good in marketing without excellent copywriting, I highly suggest anyone who's serious about growing their business and learning REAL marketing to take this mentorship program.

Majd Bou Habib

eCom store owner

This man is a genius!!!

I started working with Robz when I had a 0.7% Conversion Rate on my e-commerce brand, never knew the importance of copywriting before, he taught me more about my business, helped me understand branding, copy, and selling using emotions… this man is a genius!!! Ohh and btw thanks to his copywriting my conversion rate quadrupled, getting an average of 3%!


This is a standalone mentorship program that is not affiliated with the Wolfofbey eCom Engine. 

Which means you're joining a NEW community of copywriters that is entirely different from the engine program.

And just like any program..

To get the results that you want, you need to put in the work and effort to make this work.

 We literally charge 6-figures in consulting fees for this same exact knowledge.

It's simply impossible not to make money with it.

If you get only ONE client or use it inside your own business, it can pay for this mentorship program 100 times over.

Definitely MUCH CHEAPER than a university course and with MUCH GREATER earning potential as we teach you what ACTUALLY works in the real world.

Best part? It's not only theory. It's mostly all practical stuff that we personally use in our own businesses and have been tested across many different industries.

So we know for a FACT, that what we teach absolutely works.

But it won't work, if you don't.

Wizards of words mentorship program

Early Access Special Price (One-Time Payment | Lifetime Access)



  • Lifetime Updated Access
  • Live Q&A During The Program
  • Access to 14+ Worksheets
  • Weekly Mentorship Calls
  • Access To Mastermind
  • Access To Swipe Files
  • Free copy of our upcoming book
  • Chance To Win $10k
  • Certificate of Completion

Course Enrollment closes on July 24th 2024

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You missed out!

This mentorship program comes with a 1,000%+ Guarantee..

Considering the live mentorship you’ll be getting..

Considering you'll be receiving our top-secret copywriting system with nothing held back...

And considering how many people will get to this page too late and have to pay the full price of $2,497...

We’ve worked out something that we think will be fair and you're going to like.

If you attended all the sessions and feel like you're not getting any value during the live training (before we reach week #4), we will offer you a full refund.

Remember: Writing one high-converting sales video or landing page could easily make you a millionaire less than 12 months from now (which is at least 1000% increase on your current investment).

(That’s how we became millionaires at a young age.)

We're confident that several millionaire copywriters will be born inside the mastermind.

But we want you to have complete peace of mind when you pull the trigger and join us inside this live mentorship and certification program.

Who is this for

  • People who want to gain back their time.
  • People who want to add an extra income stream.
  • To those who see the value in building a REAL high income skill that is respectful and in high demand.
  • For those without any tech experience and advanced English writing skills.

Who is this not for

  • Lazy people who don't want to put in the necessary effort to make this work.
  • People who are looking for get-rich-quick schemes.
  • Complainers and complacent people.
  • Those who are happy with their current financial situation and don't want to change a thing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I instantly get rich?

No. This course includes the exact same blueprint and formulas that we used to sell stuff online.

But that doesn't mean you will too. Why? Because the only thing not included in this course which plays almost 50% of your success is hard work, determination & discipline. Obviously we can't do this for you. So without your effort and commitment, your program investment goes to waste and you will make $0.

HOWEVER, it will shave off years & hundreds of thousands of dollars in books/courses investments on the subject and save you all the testing. This exact info that us (and our clients use), if combined with your hard work, will eventually lead to outstanding results.

How can I pay for the mentorship?

We have several payment methods:

- Online Debit/Credit Card Payments.
- Offline payments (Western Union, OMT, Whish etc..)
- Crypto Payments (USDT TRC20 or Pay ID).

Will this course be useful even if I know nothing about eCommerce?

Yes, this course is structured in a way to take someone from absolutely no experience in copywriting to a near expert at the end of this mentorship program. So don't worry about your lack of experience, we'll fix that for you as we go through the modules of the course.

Not to mention, if YOU ARE experienced.. This will take you to the NEXT LEVEL in your copywriting and marketing knowledge, as we start teaching the advanced stuff.

How can I join the Discord channel?

After you buy the Wizards of Words copywriting mentorship program, you will receive an email confirmation with your exclusive join link and benefit from your 6-mothns FREE membership to our mastermind discord community, and after that if you wish to stay you'll be charged $49/month.

Can I share or resell this course?

No. Due to the copyright rules for this program:

All content inside this course from digital videos, worksheets, cheat sheet, etc... is 100% owned and protected by by Beycom L.L.C-FZ under the Dubai Copyright & IP Protection Service.

Anyone sharing the contents of this course with anyone outside their business partners, will undergo legal action.

What's your refund policy?

It's already stated right above.

Click here to read more details about it.

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